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Product Description

Body camBody cam

Sixmou B9 body camera vs other brandSixmou B9 body camera vs other brand

1. Our main focus has been on wearable cameras for over 7 years.

2. For this body camera, a team of 10 engineers is involved in the design process.

3. Sixmou B9 undergoes more than 20 modifications and upgrades to ensure its quality and performance.

Include 64G memory cardInclude 64G memory card

one-click to recordone-click to record

Strong ClipStrong Clip

indicator light can be offindicator light can be off

64GB Memory Card Included

A 64GB high-speed MicroSD card has been inserted into the card slot, so you can use this body camera without any concerns once you receive it.

Emergency Alarm Assistance

The Sixmou B9 body-worn camera features a built-in alarm function. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can press the alarm button for help. The integrated speaker will emit a loud alarm sound, accompanied by flashing alarm lights. This will alert and seek assistance from individuals nearby.

Innovative Clip Design

The distinct buckle design ensures a secure attachment of the clip to the device as a whole. You can have complete peace of mind as the camera will remain firmly in place, eliminating worries of it detaching during video recording.

Indicator Light Can Be Off

It’s a simple process to adjust the settings and deactivate the indicator light while recording. With no light and no sound, everything is silent.

180 rotating lens180 rotating lens

Loop recordingLoop recording

Motion detectionMotion detection

Dash Cam ModeDash Cam Mode

180° Rotatable Lens

Upon rotating the lens, the Sixmou B9 body camera employs an integrated intelligent chip to automatically adjust the image and video viewing angles.

Loop Recording

This portable video recording device features loop recording functionality. When the storage capacity is reached, the device will automatically overwrite older files. This ensures that you won’t have to manually delete unnecessary videos or photos.

Motion Detection Capability

When the motion detection mode is enabled, the camera will initiate recording automatically if there is movement nearby. This proves highly advantageous for personal security purposes.

Dash Cam Mode

The B9 body camera can also function as a dashcam. By connecting the camera to your car via a USB cable, it will commence recording as soon as you start your vehicle.


Video Format MOV Video Resolution 2304*1296 Image Format JPG Pixel 3264*2448pixels Image Ratio 16:9 Support System Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11/ WinMe/WinXP/Win2000/Vista/Android/iOS iPhone/MacOS Interface Type Type-c Max Memory Support Up to 256G, MicroSD, Built-in Memory(Removable) 64G Max Video Length 30 minutes Recording Time 6 hours Recording While Charging Support Battery Capacity 1800MA( Rechargeable) System Language English Weight 68g / 2.2 Ounces Size D x W x H: 1.0 x 4.25 x 1.6 inches

Multifunctional: The Sixmou B9 Bodycam recorder is a portable device that handles video and audio recording. You can also use it as a standalone voice recorder. It has a photo-taking function that lets you snap multiple pictures in rapid succession. Plus, it has a loud alarm function that can come in handy when you’re in danger.
Local Device Playback: This personal bodycam comes with an integrated full-color OLED screen, allowing you to review your video right away without needing a PC. Having a screen is extremely useful and essential for previewing recordings, quick playback, deleting files, and adjusting all the settings, among other things.
One-Click Recording: In certain emergencies, you might need to record or snap photos swiftly. The Sixmou B9 body camera supports one-click recording, eliminating the need to power on the device. Simply press the button to record or take a picture. You’ll never miss the perfect moment to capture crucial information.
180° Rotating Lenses: Different scenarios may call for various viewing angles. The 180° swivel lens lets you adjust the camera’s field and capture a broader view. This feature can be particularly crucial in situations where extensive coverage is necessary, like during law enforcement activities or security operations.
64GB Memory Card Included: The Sixmou B9 wearable camera comes with a pre-tested 64GB high-speed MicroSD card to ensure smooth video recording. It can store approximately 10 hours of video files. No additional cost is required.